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Contact SunState Cleaning Services for a Professional Estimate. These are simply our detail-clean services, performed on a rotating basis in addition to our regular services in order to ensure a complete and thorough clean at all times. All employees are fully-trained in all of these tasks to ensure adherence to quality standards. To get a professional estimate simply contact us at (407) 796-2681 or use the contact form below.

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It is our goal to offer you the best possible cleaning service available. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we will come back and re-clean for free!

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Tile grout scrubbed, shower door cleaned, doors / door frames wiped, knickknacks cleaned individually, cabinet fronts hand wiped, baseboards and window sills hand wiped, floors cleaned, faucets / drains / sinks toothbrushed


Inside of range hood cleaned, drip pans or glass top surfaces cleaned, doors and door frames hand wiped, appliances cleaned and shined, knickknack areas cleaned, cabinet fronts hand wiped, baseboards and window sills hand wiped, floors deep-cleaned, and all kitchen furniture hand wiped to a pristine clean

Sleeping & Living Areas

Doors and door frames wiped, window sills and ledges hand wiped, knickknacks individually cleaned, furniture surfaces hand wiped, baseboards hand wiped, furniture and upholstery vacuumed, carpet areas vacuumed, floors deep-cleaned, and any and all accessible areas under furniture vacuumed

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Our expert house cleaning services are offered in different frequencies allowing you to choose the program that best suits your needs!
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